Station Software


Station Software was founded in 1985 as Option Software by Mike Whitlock as a result of a change in the law requiring labels on medicine bottles dispensed in the UK to be type-written rather than hand-written.
PC Computers did not exist and the Amstrad PCW, created by Alan Sugar had just been released. The Amstrad PCW came with it's own programming language called 'Mallard Basic' that allowed Mike to develop software for his local GP surgery so they could print the labels on all their dispensed medicine.
After several months of development, it was decided to try and market the software as a package to dispensing GPs all over the UK and Option Software was formed in partnership with one of the GPs.
In a matter of two years, we had the software running in over fifty GP surgeries and enhancements had been made to allow the software to store and issue Repeat Prescriptions and later to hold complete Medical Records.

Dispensing Doctor's Journal from 1987
From Dispensing Doctors Journal - 1987

Advances in computers led to multi-user systems and the system was then rewritten to run on the IBM PC when this was released and finally as a Windows application.
New modules were developed to handle electronics links to Health Authorities, Hospitals and Patholgy labs allowing secure transmission of test results direct to the GP system.
After ten years of continuous growth, the NHS decided to rationalise the number of competing systems and chose the largest of the 50 available systems to be the only one they would continue to support.

After a change of name to Station Software in 2002, the company diversified into creating bespoke software solutions for all types of small businesses and continues to this day.

See the Recent Projects page for examples of the kind of work we do now.


"Mike is first class at providing excellent bespoke business software systems. I would definately recommend him to all small business owners, the rewards will be high."

Jake Bailey Managing Director at The Tube Creation Company Ltd


"Mike has worked with us for several years, he and his work on our in House systems are pivotal to enabling the company to grow."

Richard Barker MD, Hill Cross Organisation Ltd British Contract Manufacturer & International Supplier


"We have used Mike’s services for many years because he is an excellent IT consultant. He responds promptly when we have a problem and will always go the extra mile for us. His work is professional and robust, and we recommend him."

Clive Whitbourn Director at DRD Consultants


"Mike created a bespoke customer management software program for us which we use for managing customer details, creating quotes and processing orders. The software has been critical in allowing the growth of the business and saves countless hours of work every week as well as portraying a professional image to customers.
Mike has also helped with the installation of phones, broadband and other technology.
Mike is a brilliant IT consultant. He is trustworthy and honest and is very creative when it comes to finding solutions to problems. I would recommend him to anyone in the strongest possible terms."

Chris Blair Co Owner & MD, Thirsk Furniture Products Limited